Factors Affecting Population

Topics: Demography, Population, Waterborne diseases Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Factors Affecting Population
Cultural Factors
In some cultures and religions, people are respected more if they have many children resulting in an increased birth rate. For example, in some cultures having many children is seen as a sign of virility in men. Conversely, some cultures and religions discourage large families though this is rare. This would have the effect of lowering birth rate. Certain religions view birth control and abortion as bad in the eyes of their beliefs. As a result they discourage the use of these procedures resulting in an increased birth rate in countries where these religions are prevalent. Some religions and cultures relegate the role of women preventing them from obtaining an education or career and encouraging/forcing them to have large families which results in an increased birth rate. Political Factors

Some countries provide benefits to people who have many children to encourage people to give birth (e.g. France) as a result of an aging population and a natural decrease. This has the desired effect of increasing birth rate. Alternatively some countries offer rewards to couples who have fewer children in order to encourage people to have less children resulting in a lowered birth rate. If taxes in a country are high, people may not have children as they can’t afford to, decreasing the birth rate. During times of warfare the birth rate will fall significantly (since people are occupied fighting) and the death rate will often rise substantially. After a war however, there is often a “baby boom” resulting in a massive increase in the birth rate of a country. Environmental Factors

Countries with frequent natural disasters will often have a high death rate. In addition, there may be a high number of people migrating away from the country for fear of their lives resulting in an overall reduction in the country’s population. In countries with heavy industry, air and water pollution could be very high increasing the death rate as a...
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