Facebook Depression

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Facebook Depression
For most, The World Wide Web has become an absolute necessity in the modern world. It is how we communicate, it is how we keep up with what is going on in the world, it is our way of expressing ourselves… it is a way of life. Recently, a group of influential doctors introduced “Facebook depression” as a term to describe a condition which may affect troubled teens who obsess over the social media website and do not believe they can measure up to the lives depicted via Facebook. But is “Facebook depression” really something to be concerned about? Should doctors look further into this possible condition? To be honest, it sounds completely preposterous for an Internet site to be the cause of a person’s depression. Facebook depression does not seem to be a real concern. The people who feel as though Facebook is bringing them down emotionally, most likely have developed self-esteem issues before beginning their Facebook journey.

Now, thinking about this rationally, could a website really be the one cause of a person’s depression? Sounds a bit hard to believe. There is a very big variety of things that could be behind a person’s troubles. A person could possibly have depression, or they could just have self esteem issues. It seems as though Facebook is being used as a getaway. A person has depression, or lacks confidence. Oh but since they have Facebook, with all the drama it creates, it must be an affect of the website. Be real, a website causing your condition? Furthermore, a person who cannot admit their troubles surely has problems. On the other hand, there are two sides to everything. It is also very possible that, not the website itself, but the people on the website have caused a person to become depressed or unconfident. People of today can say harsh and evil things, and with enough grief from others it could bring a person down. With that being said, it would be rare to find a case like this from the people who claim they suffer from...
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