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Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism, Drug addiction Pages: 5 (1269 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Alcohol and drugs

The use of marijuana has many benefits that outweigh the risks. The benefits include a reduced feeling of certain pain, simulated appetite, etc. and many patients use marijuana to combat migraines, sore muscles, and other bodily affects. Not only are there many physical benefits to smoking the ganja, but there are a multitude of psychological benefits as well. Through the use of natural substances (such as plants), people can abuse the affects they will provide and in turn cause social problems such as armed robbery and robbery which stems from this. One example is the Peyote Cactus as it contains chemicals which causes impairment and builds an addiction similar to the effects of more commonly known drugs. As a result, users may resort to various means to obtain more. Drunk driving is on the rise and is the number two cause of accidental death, it is a cause of around 17,000 deaths each year. All but 9 states have adopted the Administrative License Revocation where if you are caught drinking and driving and found guilty you lose your license for a full year. This is a step that is being taken in order to try and avoid this social problem. * Abstinent - No use is made.

* Controlled - People have made a conscious decision, have evaluated the risks and can stop if they want. * Impulsive - Use is unpredictable and can lead to unexpected accidents and harm. However there is not continual use or dependency. * Habitual - The use of alcohol or drugs have become a significant and important part of the person's life-style. Stopping would not be easy. * Dependent - There is a high degree of physical and psychological addiction. Alcohol and drug use disrupts or rules the person's life. Stopping is not possible without considerable support.

Drink and drugs are often seriously expensive, so uncontrolled use can lead to financial problems. You can quite easily end up in trouble with the law. Although drinking alcohol is legal, it can lead to assault and driving when drunk. Similarly, although the law may turn a blind eye to personal use of certain drugs, this attitude is not consistent. Sentences for any supplying drugs can be heavy and unpredictable.

Any conviction for drink or drugs offences may severely limit the opportunities open to you in the future. * Pronounced use of drink or drugs tends to rigidly define social groups, so it may limit your circle of friends. * Continual or large scale use of alcohol has a bad effect on most people's sex-life. * Drink definitely lowers people's ability to resist harming themselves when they have problems. * Drink can lower people's inhibitions against hurting others. * Drink greatly lessens people's ability to say no to unwanted sexual encounters which they would have definitely avoided had they been sober. * Many serious accidents are drink and drug related.

* There are long-term health risks.
All these things will not happen to everybody. You may be lucky and avoid any serious mishaps. However, all these consequences are seen routinely enough by anyone involved in welfare work to suggest they are not exaggerated or unusual.

Some people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. For many others, substance use can cause problems at work, home, school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling isolated, helpless, or ashamed. If you’re worried about your own or a friend or family member’s drug use, it’s important to know that help is available. Learning about the nature of drug abuse and addiction—how it develops, what it looks like, and why it can have such a powerful hold—will give you a better understanding of the problem and how to best deal with it.

People experiment with drugs for many different reasons. Many first try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, or in an effort to improve athletic performance or ease...
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