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Hooters Evaluation
Dylan Gilless
Advanced Composition
September 11, 2013
DeVry University

Hooters Evaluation
I bet if you ask any guy in this country if they like Hooters, they would give that look saying did you seriously just ask that question. Hooters is a sports bar mostly for guys, and is famous for its wings and waitress attire. This restaurant is a perfect place to have some wings and a few beers, watch the game, and have a great scenery while you’re there. I like to go there once in a while with some friends whenever a good game is on, but it comes with some consequences between me and my girlfriend. By evaluating the Hooters on I-17 and Peoria, I believe that this is good place to if you’re a guy and a sports fan for its service, food, and environment, but does has some flaws to these attributes. The main reason why people go to Hooters is because of the service by their all-female staff. These waitresses attire is basically them dressing up half naked, and they are all very attractive women, great way to draw big crowds of males. Also this helps them by customers spending money on food and drinks, yet the waitress will most likely get a good sized tip because they act a little flirty and us guys love that. A big concern though is that these ladies get a little lazy on their service, and for me that’s a big problem because I don’t care how good you look I still would like to be able to order something without telling some other waitress to get mine to help me out. Most of these girls are probably new to the work world but that is no reason for bad service because that just looks bad on your upper management for not properly training right. Honestly the reason why I love Hooters is because of the food and drinks. I personally think Hooters wings are the best, they have tasty sauce and the chicken is delicious. Even though they are famous for the wings all of their other choices on the menu are amazing such as fried pickles, tator tots, buffalo...
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