Ethnic Drinking Subcultures

Topics: Culture, Ethnic group, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Ethnic DrinkiETHNIC DRINKING SUBCULTURES by Andrew M.Greeley, WilliamC.McCready and Gary Theisen

Chapter One (Page 1-14)

Says : Cultures have been able to integrate drinking into a religious and symbolic context. Irish tend to have a serious drinking problem with drinking; Jews and Italians do not. There are two psychological explanations to be found for alcoholism-cultural and psychological. In a culture in which the demands for male supportiveness are high and there is low support for assertiveness in the male role, the author argues that drinking increases in men at least. The author also discuss the influence of drinking socialization on drinking patterns.

Does : It provides the background knowledge required to understand the contents of the book. It introduces the proposition through specialized, concrete and qualitative premises.

Chapter Three (Page 36-52)

Says : Different cultures are evaluated on the he characteristics of power and support. The Irish and Italians are high on power and support, while the Swedes and Jews are low. Italians and Jews are high on support than are Irish and Swedes. On this basis, it can expected that the groups would rank themselves in terms of alcohol consumption in the following order : irish, Swedes, Italians, Jews. Thus, there is a striking difference in the drinking environment of each drinking group.

Does : It provides reasons in support of the proposition. It provides concrete and qualitative examples. It also provides several descriptive examples and qualitative evidence.

Chapter Six (Page 83-89)

Says : The chapter examines whether the different ethnic groups may have different 'addiction' subcultures. The Irish may drink more because they have an 'oral dependency' subculture. While various groups do not differ enormously in their adolescent years in their levels of drug consumption, young people from the different groups seem to find their way into peer-group environments where the propensity...
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