Ethical Leadership

Topics: Self-esteem, Ethical leadership, Morality Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Ethical Leadership
Using effective ethical leadership is vital in every career field, but it is especially significant when working in human services. I have been a volunteer for over five years, working with women who are attempting to make positive changes and get their lives back on track. Most of these women have just been released from some type of incarceration. Most have lost their families, their homes, their jobs, and their self-worth. Most of these women suffer from alcoholism and addiction to drugs. Many of these women come from homes where some type of substance abuse was prevalent. Many of these women have been abused either physically, emotionally, or both. I work as a bridge between probation and parole and the women I assist, and I try my best to fill this gap with encouraging solutions. Because these women trust me with their life stories, experiences, feelings, and thoughts, it is very important that I am aware of ethical leadership practices. I certainly am aware of the necessity for respect, confidentiality, honesty, and treating these women with dignity. Most of these women are broken, and shocked at the reality of hitting bottoms they never thought possible. Because honest sharing is necessary for any type of recovery, they have to be able to have faith and trust in me. Using ethical structure enables me to develop respectful relationships with these women. In order to be a successful ethical leader for the organization that I represent, and for the women I help, I must have a supportive developed moral vision, or road map, that is guided by the code of ethics put in place by the organization I am affiliated with. The organization that I am affiliated with uses transformational theories of ethical leadership. This type of leadership works well with this type of human service organization, and the clientele we work with. We use visioning, relationship, communication of moral purpose, and critical values. When we are conducting team...
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