Eth/125 Wk4 Reflecting on Wisdom

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Using the information presented in Ch. 10 of your text and other scholarly sources, describes the attributes that are commonly associated with wise people. Identify a person you have known in your life or someone you have never met. Write a 700- to 900-word paper addressing the following:

What characteristics of wisdom does this individual possess? •What makes him or her wise?
Which of these attributes do you believe you have developed most fully? •Which do you believe you need to develop more fully in the years to come? Explain.

My friend Liz is probably the only person who I could really turn to for advice and her wisdom and knowledge has always helped me through the rough times and the good times. I remember meeting Liz one day at school and asked if I could borrow a pencil from her during math class. When I returned it back she said I could have it but to try not to lose it since it is an obvious writing instrument to have. Well, after a few days I noticed she would sit alone during lunch time so I asked her if she wanted to join my friends and I for lunch, ever since we have been best of friends. According to my reading in my Positive Psychology books in Ch. 10 Table 10.2 Classification of virtues and character strengths wisdom and knowledge is cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge. The defining strengths describe her or what she possesses: creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning, and perspective.

She has always been creative since day one when I asked to borrow a pencil. During that time we were learning how to make a cube out of paper and Liz knew how to do the cube without even asking how to make it. She could make things to be productive. I could recall during a campout with a bunch of girls how to make things out of sticks with leaves and such. It was amazing on how much she knew without really knowing how to do it in the beginning. Her open-mindedness was well respected in our little group...
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