Essay about impaired driving

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Canada, Government of Canada Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: November 17, 2013

Impaired Driving and the Effects
On Canadian Society

Professor – Rosa Evelia Sanchez
Done by – Murun Enkhee & David Dingba
Fall 2013
Proposal for SOC105 World Issues

1) Project Topic
Impaired driving is the acts of driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. Almost all people not only Canadians but also all the people in the world simply know the definition of impaired driving, but how many of them have deep understanding of what exactly it is and how it affects the society and environment. How many of us can see the real damage of impaired driving or think it is just bad? Is it really the controversial issue of community? IMPROVE HERE This has been a serious issue in Canada for over 70 years. It has really negative impacts on society. According to the Canadian government, statistics in 2011 there have been reported case of 90,277 impaired driving incidents in Canada and these has increased a lot by 2% in 2011. Most of these incidents due to alcohol drinking and 2% is due to drug-related (Juristat Article, 2013). Also in 2010, it has been estimated that 2541 individuals were killed by motor vehicle accident in Canada, approximately half of which is caused by impaired driving and over 60000 people were injured in impairment related crashes. It means that 3 to 4 deaths and 175 injuries are occurred every day in Canada. (Statistics, MADD). Impaired driving statistics in Canada has also shown that about 210,932 property damages were caused by impaired driving. So cost of money spent by the government for damage repair is about 20 billion dollars in 2010. This only doesn’t reduce the population drastically but also makes the economy move to negative side. The government and the society usually use those following 5 ways to control impaired driving: 1. The use of technology – the facilities such as drunk detectors can be used by the police to enforce that if drivers are driving under influence of drugs or alcohol and if...

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