Environmental Analysis of Pub

Topics: Minimum wage, Alcoholic beverage, Drink Pages: 4 (1069 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Environmental analysis: GAA club/ pub

I am going to explore all the Political, Economical, Social, technological, legal and environmental factors facing the GAA club. I am going to analyse the factors with the use of the PESTLE and SWOT analysis.

PESTLE: factors affecting the GAA club.

There are a number of laws/and legislations regarding pub law. The Intoxication Liquor act 2003: includes regulation in relation to, Opening hours, prices, smoking bouncers and the sale to drunken persons. Political

* Changes and reforms of Licensing Laws in line with Government policy * Relaxation of opening hours and late night opening- Late night openings would be attractive to our customers.   * National minimum wage increase affecting salaries and wages- This might resolve in high staff turnover. * EU influence and legislation regarding measures of drinks * EU and National Government guidelines regarding health – As people are becoming more health conscious we should consider offering non alcoholic cocktails and healthy drinks, there is definitely a market for this. * Local and National Government concerns regarding negative aspects of ‘binge drinking’   * Budget increases in duty on alcohol- As the budget increases the price of alcohol duty you should try out very best in order to cut costs and keep our prices at a minimum. .

All other government legislation should be implemented as professional as possible.

* National and international economic downturn means people generally have less disposable income for socialising. For this reason you should have special promotional nights. Eg: all pints €3.50 or a live band playing. * Rise in staff wages due to National Insurance and Minimum Wage increases, it is always important to keep staff moral high. I advise you to take whatever steps necessary in order for your staffs wages to go untouched. * Cut price offers for alcohol in supermarket promotions- This is a...
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