Environment, Crime, and Disease of Pakistan

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Environment, Crime, and Disease of Pakistan - Assignment 5-2 Michelle Hurley
Brian Kasvosve

Environment, Crime, and Disease of Pakistan
In 1947 Pakistan was granted a partition from British India and Pakistan was created. Since that date, Pakistan as a country has been facing a set of unique problems. Environment, crime and disease are issues that influence the lives of all people of Pakistan. Awareness, security and protection by Pakistan government is required if change is expected. Overpopulation and terrorism are two issues that must be addressed by the Pakistan’s government. Pakistan is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and the country is tainted by the terrorist acts, which take place every day. Pakistan’s current state and the issues of terrorism and population have significant influence on environment, crime, and disease within Pakistan.

Overpopulation is defined as the state in which numbers exceed the ability to provide available resources. Overpopulation creates a long list of problems which includes but not limited to issues of; food shortage in the country because its resources are not sufficient to meet the needs of the people, issues of transportation resources that are not sufficient to provide better transport facilities to whole of the population. Overpopulation creates air, water and noise pollution in the environment and in this way, badly effects the environment and the health of the people of Pakistan.  The ratio between the population and available resources cannot be ignored. Available resources will not be sufficient to meet the demand of rising population. The amount of waste produced by population will slow down the waste management programs leaving untreated waste and poor hygiene that will result in the spread of diseases. Overpopulation will make the spread of contagious diseases even easier. Health resources available will not be sufficient enough to...

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