English Essay About Alcohol Age

Topics: Law, Drinking culture, Drink Pages: 1 (450 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Should you be allowed to buy alcohol at the age of 18?

Why does iceland decide to be different from other countries like Denmark when it comes to the discussion about what age you should be allowed legally to buy alcoholic products? As most of us know you only have to be 16 in denmark to buy liquid products that contains alcohol from 1,2% to 16,5%. Is iceland being overprotective of its people or does the goverment really think this is fair? Well in many countries like Iran and Philippines alcohol is illegal so if we think about that the alcohol age in Iceland doesn´t seem so unfair, personally I think the age of 20 is fair as the alcohol purchasing age in iceland and I feel like the system here works okay. Surveys have shown that if we take an example again, in Denmark if they are thristy for a drink they don´t go some illegal way to get alcohol when they are teenagers because they are allowed to buy for them selves. But in iceland it is known that teenagers start drinking under the legal age so they have to go some illegal way if they feel like they have some need to get drunk. Would it be better to lower the purchasing age of alcohol in our country? Well surely it seems now after these words it would be better to change the law and have it as the same in Denmark. But the fact is that it is much larger group of young people in Denmark that drinks alcohol then in Iceland so statisticly the Icelandic way works better than in most other countries to keep teenage drinking to minimum. Teenage drinking has gone more popular recent years then it was, I think there isn´t one reason for this situation but many combined, like teenagers think they are older then they are and also I think it has a big part in this situation is television shows and older siblings. Television shows are very often about drinking and getting drunk, those shows are popular in teenage groups so no wonder they want to drink. Older sibling often drink and many older siblings are rolemodels to...
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