Effects of low self-esteem

Topics: Bullying, Causality, Suicide Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: December 1, 2013

Inspiration or Hindrance
Self-esteem is defined as confidence in one's own worth. It plays an important role from the playground to the business world, the confidence one possess can affect their life forever whether good or bad. It’s no secret that low self-esteem is very much real and an apparent issue in the today’s youth, but there is a debate on how it affects children. I found how it affects some youth by taking a survey amongst my friends. There are many negative effects of low self-esteem which lead people into committing suicide, but it can also be positive and drive others to do better. Self-esteem may be lowered and in multiple ways; however how one responds, whether it be negative or positive, makes all the difference.

Bullying is most commonly associated with the lowering of self-esteem since it is present in many environments such as home, the workplace, school, and online. Bullying can be defined as any behavior which is intended to harm someone emotionally, physically, or mentally. Though some people may see bullying as harmless others feel as if it’s a life-altering act. Bullying has the ability to cause one of two things to happen in a person’s life: it may allow them to grow or it could lead to self-harm. I asked a few of my friends, “What lowers yourself self-esteem and how does low self-esteem affect you?” Most of them replied with similar challenges like bullying or failing a task. The difference was in their response to that challenge, the most common being negative. A study done by Katie Burns suggests, that when self-esteem is lowered, the most common response tends to be negative. This negativity can be as simple as crying to as drastic as committing suicide. It has been noted that verbal bullying rather than physical bullying causes negative feelings to last longer. For example it is easier to disregard the pain from a punch to the arm, rather than the emotional pain caused by hurtful words. This is due to the fact that words...
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