Effect of Alcohol in Our Life

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Ethanol, Drinking culture Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Many people love to drink alcohol beverages in parties or just for fun or as a part of their daily life. The number of alcohol use in the U.S. is quite high. According to the book, “Health The Basic” by Donatelle, the consumption of alcohol for Americans is around 65%. People drink alcohol for many reasons. Some drink because they are happy and others drink because they are sad. Some drink because they are with their friends and the others drink because they are lonely. And there are some who drink just to drink. But I don’t drink and I am happy that I don’t.

It’s not that I‘ve never tasted alcohol, I have sipped some beer just to know the taste and it was bitter. My immediate reaction was why people love these drinks so much! They taste nasty. Many times my friends force me to take a sip or drink, but I humbly deny their request. In fact, many of my friends have started drinking under the influence of their companions. But for me, that’s simply not going to happen. It’s like give me one good reason to drink alcohol and I will fire back ten good reasons why we shouldn’t. I have a very strong hatred towards intoxicating substances. The reason lies deep within my education. When I was in lower grades, I still remember my teacher teaching us “say a BIG NO to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.” This statement has stuck on my mind and this is one of the main reason I don’t drink alcohols.

Another main reason that I don’t want to drink is that I’ve learned from other’s experience. I have noticed that you are not you when you are drunk. People start acting strangely when they are drunk and they will have no idea what they were doing when they were drunk. Like one time, when we were celebrating new year’s eve at one of my friend’s place, another friend of ours broke his leg, and cut his arm after he got drunk, but he had no idea how that happened the next day when he was hospitalized. In that type of situation I ask question to myself “can’t you have fun without...
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