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Urban Sprawl
The idea of urban sprawls is one that interests economists. An urban sprawl is the spreading of urban developments on undeveloped land near a city. In the article, “Urban Sprawl” by Thomas J. Nechyba and Randall P. Walsh, the authors talk about the advantages and disadvantages of urban sprawls. They also explain the consequences of inner-city and suburbs after the urban sprawls have occurred. The problems of urban sprawls are the un-productive congestion of roads, high levels of metropolitan car pollution, lots of open space amenities, and un-equal provision of public goods and services. Along with the disadvantages, there are also a few advantages. The advantages of urban sprawls are the lower transportation costs and self-sorting of the population. The article also talks about the people living in the inner-city, suburbs, and urban sprawls. They say that there are lots of problems with crime and other activities in the inner-city which results in high income inner-city people to move to the suburbs. Since this started, half of the increase in suburbanization was caused by increasing incomes.

For economists, three model and hypothesis appear in urban sprawls. The first one is the monocentric city model. This explains urban spatial structure as arising from the trade-off between commuting costs and land rents. This deals with marginal costs of living in urban sprawls. The next economic model is the Tiebout sorting model. The Tiebout sorting model explains how relatively mobile families form new cities in the suburbs in part to create communities comprised of households with similar willingness to pay for the provision of public goods. Finally, our last one is the spatial mismatch hypothesis. The spatial mismatch hypothesis suggests that job suburbanization has led to a disconnect in locations between jobs and low-income residential developments that are inhabited by less mobile households. Those three models and hypothesis are the major...
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