Drunk Driving Essay

Topics: Alcoholism, Kill, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 30, 2013
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Dr. Williams
Think Before You Do
Kim went to a party, where she was drinking. She had drove herself to the party and was planning on being able to drive herself home. After a couple of hours, Kim’s friends knew she wasn’t in the right state to drive home so they tried to get her keys from her and make sure that she didn’t drive home and if she really wanted to go home one of the sober people would drive her home. Kim got very upset with them and stormed out and drove herself home. That was the last time Kim’s friends were able to spend that kind of time with Kim.

13.2 percent of people who drive drunk get into an accident. Growing up Kim’s mom was an alcoholic and she never thought that she would do what her mom did all the time, drive drunk. When she was mad, she made that fast choice and it changed her life forever. Statistics show that 25-50 percent of peoples whose parents were alcoholics end up just like them. Sadly, this is something that happens very often. An issue that everyone knows about but nobody wants to hear about. People are in denial, they close their eyes daily and refuse to face the reality that today, hunts the past of more than half of the world. Drunk driving can kill you, what if you are next? What if you leave a life behind just because of that wrong step? Stop, think, and realize that you are not unbeatable. If only more people would do this then the circumstances would change completely. It is not wrong to drink as long as there is a designated driver. Day by day, people drink at parties and risk not only their lives but the lives of many other people as well. What if someone crashed into you? What if someone killed your neighbor, or your best friend, or your dad? There are innocent lives taken daily because of the irresponsibility of others. All it takes is one smart decision to save the lives of many people who could be killed in these incidents. One person is all it takes to kill a dozen. A teenager going...
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