Drug Additions in Youth Adults

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Caffeine, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Jessica Lorenz
English 155
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29 November 2012
Energy Drink
Energy drinks are the quick human refuel for the young adults who may use this drink to improve performance and combat fatigue when they are tired after long day of work. The abuse of this addictive drink has another big impact on the society, especially in the entire student or labor industry companies the workers are consuming energy drinks the famous “Energy Monster” energy drinks which has become part of daily activities or just to relax, even this refuel energy can be mixed with an alcohol to get the sensation of feeling better. “In according to studies done energy drinks establish a pattern of addictions; the point is the energy drink causes anxiety, poor sleep, sexual resistance decreases, less energy, and poor thinking” The energy drink has several consequences on the health causing dizziness, dehydration, anxiety, seizures, strokes, headaches & increases heart palpitation (Heart Arrhythmia) American Pharmacist Association report the amounts of these supplements in energy drinks are too small to provide any health benefits, also the study indicates that energy drink use in general is associated whit risky behaviors such as sex, smoking, marijuana and illicit drug use The energy drink does effects gain weight, obesity and diabetes the physical activities and nutrition on the youth adults and kids are less and this increase the young age obesity because the addiction filled in calories and sugar The epidemic increasing obesity is the most common chronic diseases in the population especially in the kids and young adults this problem increase the addiction every day, the consumption of sugared liquids are the cause to gain weight, most of the society prefer quick drinks with high sugar or high calories, drinking to many sodas and sugar beverages contributes to teenager obesity rates, unsteady the consume of health solid food, the change of...
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