Drug Abuse Essay

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drug addiction, Drink Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: March 13, 2014
A Reflection about Alcohol and Drug Use
I do not have very much experience with alcohol or drug usage. I have never tried any drugs aside from medicinal ones for sicknesses and have only had a few sips of alcohol in my life so far. I do have a few friends how use drugs or alcohol recreationally, however. My parents also drink alcohol from time to time. When there is a special event usually they have a few glasses of wine. My father drinks beer from time to time at home, but I have never seen him drunk before, so I assume that he only drinks within the legal limit. I have not ever been negatively affected by anyone using drugs or alcohol. I have been given the opportunity to try Marijuana before, but I have avoided doing so. In full honesty, the only reason why I had not tried drugs before was because of the fact that it was illegal. Had it been legal, it is likely that I would have tried Marijuana, as there are no serious negative effects from doing so, especially when I have no access to driving a vehicle and there were not any other substances that could be classified as drugs or alcohol around me at the time. As of now, because I do not want to get in trouble with the law, I refrain from using drugs or alcohol. In the future, when either may be legal, this is subject to change. I find it unlikely that I will be drinking profusely as I do not find the beverages appealing to my taste; in other words beer tastes like bitter animal droppings. Seeing that harder drugs are very harmful, I also do not plan on trying them. However, for less harmful drugs such as Marijuana and perhaps tastier beverages with alcohol content, I will likely try if they are legal.
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