Driving Age in America

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Driving, United States Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: April 1, 2014

A great percentage of car accidents nowadays, are caused by young drivers, who are not ready yet to have the power of driving a car. It is dangerous to have a place where young reckless drivers do not know the importance of attetion needed when driving a vehicle. The driving age in United States should be changed to eighteen, to avoid young people to take a too big responsibility early in life.

Even though a lot of places in the United States are completely illegal to use the cellphone while a person is driving, there is still a lot of states in US where this rule is not applied, and it has been very dangerous for the drivers. Most of young people between the ages of sixteen and seventeen specially, text while driving, making them pay more attention on their phones than the road, which is not a mature attitude. Most of young drivers do not know how bad a car accident could be until they get involved into one. If a person is using the cellphone while driving, it just shows that the person is giving more attention to a electronic device, than paying attention on the street while conducting a heavy and big vehicle on movement, eventually causing an accident most of the times.

Driving a car, is considered na adult responsibility, such as smoking or drinking na adult beverage. And a young person between the ages of sixteen and seventeen, are not mature enough to take adult decisions and responsibilities in life usually. People say that the time of the life where a person reaches maturity and becomes na adult, is by the age of eighteen. The rules should be changed then, the legal ages to drive, drink, and smoke, should probably be all the same if people are considered adults by the age of eighteen. There are also risks on those decisions though, for a young driver, to have the permission to legally drive, and consume legal drugs like nicotine and alcoholic beverages at the same age, it is very likely for them to commit immature mistakes such as drinking...
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