Drinking Under Age

Topics: Mind, Thought, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 3 (1316 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Drinking under age is a major problem now in days with teens like me. That think that it will help them deal with their problems back home but what we don’t know it can actually make everything way worse than what it already is. This is my experience on why I thought it would help and what it actually happen and how it just gave me more problems than what I already have and what I learn.

It all started on this past weekend on a Saturday me and a friend whet to a concert on base. I been having a lot on my mind with stuff back home with my baby’s mom and on how I needed to find out if the other baby was mine or not. I was not thinking straight I met some people at the concert and they offered me a beer I had never drank before I had a lot on my mind I thought it would me a good idea to have a couple of drinks oh was I wrong I did not know how fast you can lose control how one moment u are in total control of what u are doing and the next thing u know u have no idea what was going on. That is exactly what happen to me I lost control I was not myself no more I realize this was not a good Idea at all so I told my friend that we should head back to our room and sleep it off so we did there are some parts that I don’t remember that is one of the worst feelings ever not knowing what happen the next day making a complete ass out of yourself acting like a complete retard I hate that feeling I am a person that hates those kind of things I was raised better than that I know better but sometimes you make one bad decision and that is all it takes to lose control of the whole situation in my experience I added a lot of more stuff to my list of problems I had to face my family and tell them what I had did they are so disappointed on me because of all the stuff we when though with my father my mom knows she raised me better than that and she never expected me to do something like this I think the worst thing than making a complete ass out of my self is hearing the...
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