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what is the right age to start drinking?
adopt children at 21
All other Indian states permit alcohol consumption but fix a legal drinking age. In some states, the legal drinking age can be different for different types of alcoholic beverages. The legal drinking age is different in different states in India. It varies widely. India has different laws for different states. Alcohol is a subject in the State List under the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India. Therefore, the laws governing alcohol vary from state to state. Gujarat and Mizoram, as we all know, has imposed prohibition and so sale and consumption of alcohol is illegal here. aim of discouraging consumption of alcohol by

For example, some states have 21, others have 25, others have 18, and in yet others, it’s illegal. For example, in Gujarat, Mizoram, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, and Nagaland it’s illegal It’s pretty stringent in India, in some places, because 25 is a late age to allow people to start drinking. However, in other states, it’s as low as 18. There is a wide variance, and there are widely differing attitudes in the state. In Delhi, India, which is a big city, the drinking age is 25, and that’s still pretty steep. No one likes to wait until they’re 25 to drink. There are continual talks about bringing it down though. Consumption of alcohol has never been treated as a public health issue in our country. that the new law could do little to control the alcohol consumption in a country where the legal age to get married, to vote, to drive, etc is 18 years. It might lead to more road accidents, especially at night when young party goers return from clubs, drunk. Several cases of drunk and rash driving, at night, were reported in the past. Now, what do you think should be the legal age for drinking, 25, 21 or 18? people become more mature & understanding at this age

so i would like to conclude that drinking should be prohibited below the age of 21.

The amended law hiked up the legal age “for grant of permit for purchase, possession, transport, use and consumption” of hard liquor from 21 years to 25 years. To be able to lawfully enjoy a chilled beer, you must now be 21, not 18. Soon enough, a storm was raging on Twitter, blogs were being written, and there were opinions galore. A major chunk of India comprises of young Indians, who have relocated from small towns to hubs of industry and employment and this breed of young Indians is what defines most of India’s intellectual superiority. Fast lives, big dreams and unwavering determination define most of these youngsters. Hard work must be complemented with a good amount of kicking back, and this is what has led to a flourishing and healthy drinking culture. Whether it’s grabbing a beer with some friends after a long day at work, or downing shots at a friend’s birthday party, alcohol does it all. We might fool ourselves and choose to be oblivious to the fact that issuing a legal age can bereft anyone below 18 from drinking as one doesn’t necessarily need to buy it to consume it. Access to alcohol is easy, but what we should look at, in order to control the side-effects is to regulate the limit or quantity of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is not only a drink that one consumes to get a high; it is a sentiment that bonds people. And who would want to disrupt the culture of bro-bonding? The alarming rise in underage alcohol consumption can be attributed to easy availability of money, absent parents and increased spending power. This is very alarming and parents have a greater role to in this." Compared to other countries, the legal age in India for drinking is higher than most of the places.   

While you need to be at least 25-year-old in the national capital to be served a drink, the same figure stands at 18 years for Australia, just 16 years for France and Germany, 18 years for the United Kingdom and 21 years for the United States.

The drinking age of 25 is a national joke. Every college campus in the...
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