Drinking Age

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Drinking Age

Everyone knows that the drinking age is 21 but why? Some people think that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. i agree with this side of the argument. And its not just people who are 18 who are arguing to lower the drinking age, it is also older people including state representatives. Bob Lynn the state representative of Alaska also argues that the drinking age should be lowered for at least 18 year olds in the military. “ Why do we consider 18-year-olds old enough to join the military, to fight and die for our country, but not to have a drink with their friends before they ship out or while they are home or on leave?”(Lynn)

Even though the drinking age is at 21, it has not prevented underage drinking at all. The students from the university of Arizona state took a survey about the new drinking age, and these are their results. “It revealed that only 6% intended to stop drinking, 70% planned to change their drinking location, 21% expected to use a false or borrowed identification to obtain alcohol and 22% intended to use other drugs.”(ASU) An unidentified student from Arizona State University stated that “it might be easier to hide a little pot in my room rather than a six pack of beer." Since the drinking age went up and is now illegal for them to have alcohol in their room, he/she is stating that it is easier for them to hide pot. This can not be the only student that does this. So what Im trying to get at is since the drinking age went up, so has the use of illegal drugs, which is mostly marijuana.

Another reason why the drinking age should be 18, is because of binge drinking. Which means underage teenagers get together and drink. Which can be unsafe since these teenagers do not know their limits and can get really drunk and blackout. What I am trying to say if you lower the drinking age, the parents can help their sons/daughters and teach them the safe way and proper way to drink. Instead of...
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