Drinking 101: College Drinking & Its Effects

Topics: Drinking culture, Rape, Drink Pages: 4 (1709 words) Published: April 17, 2006
Drinking 101: College Drinking & Its Effects
Everyone knows that drinking is the biggest problem on many college campuses around the nation. Some of the students who drink not only put themselves, but others in all sorts of dangers: accidents, rapes, violent assaults, and even deaths. There has been a significant rise in the binge drinking over the past. Binge drinking is considered five drinks in a row for a male and four for a female. It is done for the intention of getting drunk. Whether it is to get drunk or because everyone's doing it, drinking should never be considered a part of the campus experience. It should be banned from all colleges and specially from the hands of the underage drinkers. There are not enough rules and regulations that control or punish these underage consumers. The students often easily avoid the rules that many of the universities have because they don't have to party on campus grounds. Many of the alcohol activities now days are taking places outside campus grounds to which the colleges can't do anything. As a matter of fact, according to an article by Richard P. Keeling, "Binge drinking among students living in resident halls has decreased over the 90s, whereas it has increased among students living off campus." These students who live in their own apartments have the alcohol easily available to them and they share the goods with everyone including the underage students. This issue is one that needs more attention from the government as well as the parents. This problem should be handled before it worsens. Why do these students feel they have to drink or binge? Could it be because of peer pressure? Although sometimes, a person's friends might be a little forceful in wanting him or her to drink, but it doesn't mean that he or she should drink. If one feels that he or she needs to drink because the friends are pushing it, then they're not really his or her friends. No good friends would ever force a person into...

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