Diversity: Discrimination and Children

Topics: Discrimination, Self-esteem, Rights Pages: 9 (1448 words) Published: September 27, 2014
Unit 10

Analyse the potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion in own area or responsibility There are plenty of barriers to equality and inclusion. We can change the planning and adapt it for the childs individual needs, all the planning as centred around the unique child to ensure that they receive the correct support that they require. Barriers can make things more difficult for the child and it is vital that they are included in everyday planning.

Wheelchair users may not have wheelchair access to the setting, doors may not conform to the correct width and ramps may need to be installed. Are bathroom facilities accessible
Are tasks are table top height
Are staff up to date with manual handling training.
Hearing, does the child wear a hearing aid,
Staff can be trained in sign language
Visual impairments may need assistance with close work,
Physical impairment
Sensory impairment

Cultural barriers
can involve dietary requirements, eg, may eat different type of food, and not able to eat food such as certain meats, they may not fall into our traditional expectations. Involve them with others around the table at lunch time even if their diet is different it shouldn’t prevent them mixing and eating with others. Language requirements, try and understand and communicate with the child, or employ staff that are familiar with the language.

Boys and girls can play with different toys not necessarily pink for girls and blues for boys, boys also like to play with dolls and prams and girls like garages and cars, and everything should be equal.

We are anti-discriminatory, and we promote equality and diversity, everyone is equal regardless of how diverse children are Upbringing
Some children may be from different homes, travelling community, and have very different values on upbringing, we respect all parents and encourage their way of upbringing which ever this may be. Vegetarians/vegans, certain dietary requirements which should be taken into account, especially when holding parties at our setting Religious beliefs,

may not celebrate the same festivals as other children, we ensure that all children are equal, we will adapt the activity to suit the childs needs, eg if they don’t celebrate Christmas/Easter, then we will ensure that they are involved by making an activity about a different topic to suits their needs although they will be taking part and not left out.

Challenge discrimination and exclusion in policy and practice I have included my Equality and Diversity Policy which states we provide equality for all children, and also states our aims, methods, training, the curriculum which we follow. There are both long and short term effects of discrimination, this could be health issues, future unemployment, low self esteem issues.

Provide others with information about:
the effects of discrimination
There can be very serious effects of discrimination; these can be a variety of things from depression
low self esteem
weight gain/loss
difficulty communicating
behaviour problems
no motivation
Ever child/person is affected different, they can affect the child and the childs family in many different ways.

The impact of inclusion
Helps people feel involved
Boosts self esteem
Builds team work
Helps rely on others
Be heard
Good health
Promotes partnership working
Feel valued
The value of diversity
Children will have a larger knowledge of other cultures
Increased opportunities
Understand diverse backgrounds
Ethnic and religious backgrounds
Understand same sex relationships
Realize some children have disabilities or impairments

Support others to challenge discrimination and exclusion
You must challenge discriminatory comments and actions, not everyone will have the same values but they need to be...
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