Distingusih Between Assertive and Submissive Style of Communication

Topics: Assertiveness, Self-esteem, Psychology Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Distinguish between assertive and submissive style of communication

What are assertive and submissive styles of communication? Assertive communication is a way of acting that does not make the people to hurt physically or emotionally. In addition, it allows us to declare our own rights and the rights of others. We are able to show our feelings, wants and needs openly. When we communicate with other people, we are open to listening their feelings or needs as well as are willing to compromise. Thus, it consists of strong self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. Submissive communication is a passive action that is self-denying and not searching for achieving goals. Moreover, it does not express needs, wants, opinions or feelings and then it always avoids conflict even though it is discomfortable. When we fail to communicate our concerns or hesitations, other people will not know how we feel or will misinterpret our actions. There are two differences between assertive and submissive style of communication such as behaviors and responses.

To begin with, behavior is a difference of these communications. This is because assertive behavior is to pretend in a sense, which is neither passive nor aggressive. It demonstrates honest, self-confident and direct communication. When we are able to behave as an assertive person, we will express and use direct ways, which respect the feeling of the other people. For example, while you and your friend discuss about the assignment, you listen what your friend want to say first and then you give feedback honestly what it should be or not. Submissive behavior gives the priority to the other and is afraid of meeting conflict. It allows others to dictate to them, denies their rights and ignores the needs. In group projects, some group members take one task of their projects. Then, only one person needs to take two tasks of the projects but he has to do another project. Nevertheless, he does not refuse the tasks to take. And...

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