Development Plan of a Child

Topics: Problem solving, Self-esteem, Psychology Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: September 9, 2013
AGE| PHYSICAL| COGNATIVE| SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL| COMMUNICATION| MORAL| 0-6 M| Born with reflexes. Can lift and turn their head. Can balance on their fronts.| Can recognize mother’s voice. Babies notice objects around them. Toys are explored in their mouths.| Close contact between primary carer. Smiles when playing with parents| Babies cry when hungry, tired or upset. Babies smile when they see a face smiling at them. They lift up their arms to be picked up.| | 6-12 M| Use fingers to feed themselves. Can stand whilst holding onto furniture.| Explores items using hands and mouth. Gets used to routines in the day| Try’s to stay near to parent. And may get upset at the sight of strangers.| Tuneful strings of babbling. Point’s fingers towards an item that is wanted.| | 1-2 Y| Can push themselves along on sit on toys. Runs and climbs.| Enjoys pop up toys. Can play with building bricks and simple jigsaw puzzles.| Shows interest in other children. Shows signs of temper or frustration. Can start to play along side other children.| Less babbling and more recognizable words. Has a vocabulary of around 200 words.| | 2-3 Y| Pedals a tricycle. Can walk upstairs using alternate feet.| Interested in pretend play. Interest in painting and reading books.| Temper tantrums. Copying other children’s actions. Starting to play with other children| Two word sentences strung together.Speech is now easily understood.| Has no understanding of what is wrong or right, but can follow simple rules.| 3-4 Y| Uses fine motor skills to undertake activities such as threading.| Can concentrate if an activity holds their interest.| Can play with other children but can have squabbles.Responds well to adult praise.| Children enjoy talking and start to ask questions about the world| Can be thoughtful towards other children but are mainly looking for adult approval.| 5-6 Y| Can kick and control a...
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