Describe inequalities on City Road

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City Road is a busy street in Cardiff. It has a variety of businesses and residents, creating dynamics which change according to the time of day. Many of the businesses are shops, such as Xquisite Africa which caters to the ethnic residents who have felt in the past that their needs were not met. There are also restaurants and takeaways that thrive at night, the majority of customers being local students and young people living in the area. The Making Social Lives DVD shows local resident Lloyd Robson talking to people who have access to City Road and it highlights differences in people's experiences and perceptions. Whilst a street is a relatively small area there are some people who benefit more than others from aspects of the street; it's infrastructure, such as street furniture and facilities, such as restaurants and clubs. There are some people who are actively disadvantaged by these same features and these can become inequalities. I would like to describe how certain people in society experience inequalities in City Road and give examples.

Whilst some facilities are available to all it is not possible that all people can use them, for example, the Mackintosh Centre is a reasonably priced sports club which is not used to full advantage by local people. It has the look of a private club and was once a house to a wealthy family. People on low incomes feel daunted to enter according to John Cooksley, the head coach (the street, 2009, scene 7). Although this view is only a perception it is a very real problem for the individual, and is a reflection of the inequalities suffered due to poor education, often associated with class, for example low self esteem, and lack of confidence. In contrast, at The Municipal Club people who are new to the area, who might be more likely to use Mackintosh Centre, might feel unwelcome as it's members are well established with links to the past City Road.. At weekends the Mackintosh Centre is used as a Farmers Market, which is...
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