describe factors that may contribute to an individual being vulnerable to abuse

Topics: Bullying, Self-esteem, Abuse Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: October 23, 2013
unit 1.3
describe factors that may contribute to an individual being vulnerable to abuse.

Factors may include if theindividual has a mental disabilty such as dementia or not having the mental capacity. If the individual is secluded or isolated or vulnerable.There could be factors for the abuser which could include the abuser having lack of training, also abusing their power. Sometimespersonal issues have a part to play which could include the carer/abuser being stressed or having a history of abuse and continuing the cycle. There are numerous factors that may make a person more suseptable to abuse. The factors include if one has low self esteem or self worth. If they have had abuse before, nobody to protect them, and the mentally ill.

unit 2.1
explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused.

The actions to take constitute the learner's responsibilities in responding to allegations or suspicions of abuse. Always report to the appropriate person(s), record the facts on appropriate paperwork, listen do not judge, stay calm and collected, do not tamper with evidence.

unit 2.2
explain the actions to take if an individual alleges that they have been abused.

If you work for a company or agency there should be policies and procedures already in place to follow most would state to report to the appropriate person(s) record the facts on appropriate paperwork, listen not judge. Always establish what it is that has occured and report any suspicions to the appropriate manager. Reassuring the individual at all times and take every allegation seriously. Always date the paperwork and have it signed by any witness (if any). Take photographs of evidence if possible. Speak clearly and precise and avoid any leading questions.

unit 2.3
Identify ways to ensure any evidence of abuse is preserved

Always record the facts immediately
report evidence immediately to line manager
do not tamper with any evidence

unit 3.1...
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