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Demography can be defined as scientific, mathematical, statistical study of population in reference to population density, population density, population distribution, population size and structure, population composition. The word Demography was first coined by a Greek Mathematician, Achelle Guillard.

What means Population?
Population means the total number of children, youths, adults and old people of a certain locality, village, town, city, district, region or a country. In other words population can also be defined as a group of people living in a place with respect to socio-economic and cultural background. Population determines the total number of people living in a place. The use of natural resources totally depends upon the growth and distribution of population. Population is dynamic in nature. It keeps on changing from time to time. World Population Situation

The population of the world has crossed 7 billion and is increasing day by day. There is rapid growth of population in the world. There is more increase of population in developing and undeveloped countries and decrease in population in developed nations. But in average, the population of the world is increasing. Initially the world’s population was very less. The existence of Humans in this Earth is believed before the agricultural society. After 19th century and the industrial revolution, the population of the world started to increase in a rapid manner. There was increase in technology, facilities in the sector of education, health and many more. There was invention of different instruments and devices that changed the history of the world. Many medicines and preventive measures of many diseases were also invented. Due to increasing population, the demands of the people will also increase but the available resources are constant. There will be lack of natural recourses if there is rapid increase in overutilization of natural resources. Now the population of the world has crossed 7 billion and it is believed that the population will reach 9 billion in 2050 A.D. There will be many problems due to increasing population. It is believed that human beings evolved about 30 million years ago on Earth. It is said that before the agricultural society, the population was 15 million only. By 1 A.D. like after 8000 years, the population of the world reached 250 million. There was continuous increase of population. In 1650 A.D. after 1600 years, the population doubled and reached 545 million. In 1850 A.D. after 200 years, world population reached 1 Billion. In next 80 years in 1930 A.D. the world population reached 2 billion. Then in 1975 A.D. after 45 years only, the population doubled to 4 million. . This was the time when the population increased in a huge rate. On July 11th, 1999 A.D. the population reached 6 Billion after 24 years. Since then July 11th is celebrated as the World Population Day every year. On 31st October, 2011 A.D. the population of the world reached 7 Billion. So on 31st October, 2011 A.D. people celebrated day of 7 Billion population in the world.

Size and growth rate of Population
Size of the population means the total number of people. Since population is dynamic in nature, the size of the population never remains constant. It changes in respect to time. However it can be indicated in number, time and place.

At present, the annual population growth rate in the world is 1.2% . With that population growth rate, it is estimated that the world population will reach 9 billion by 2050 A.D. At present, China has the highest population in the world with 1 billion and 30 million. Next to China is India with 1.2 billion populations. Asia is the continent with highest population among the continents.

Table Showing the top 10 countries with world’s largest population COUNTRIES TOTAL POPULATION
China| 1,347| ,000,000|
India| 1,241|  ,000,000|
United States| 312|  ,000,000|
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