Demographic Transition Model

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Question : “Examine how the demographic transition model may be applied to a named Caribbean society.” The demographic transition theory is the process by which some societies have moved from high birth and death rates to relatively low birth and death rates as a result of technological development. The demographic transition model can be applied to the Caribbean islands. Due to the technological development of Barbados, high birth and death rates have been dramatically reduced. In European societies during the nineteen century, growth was differentiated into three phases. The pre-industrial era and the early stages of industrial development both had high birth rates and death rates, producing a stable growing population. Phase two was developed due to the improvements in economic development and living standards. Therefore this Phase had falling mortality rates. However, fertility rates continued at a high level. Further technological improvements and life expectancies resulted in the reduction of fertility rates. This led to phase three of the transition. Similarly, the first three stages of the demographic transition model are similar to the phases of the European societies in the 19th century. In the first stage high birth and death rates occur. In the second stage high birth rates and low death rates are prevalent. Both low birth and death rates are common in the third and fourth stages. However there is a fluctuation in the birth and death rates in the fourth stage. Moreover this demographic transition theory can be applied to the Caribbean countries and in particular Barbados. The fertility rates in Barbados are relatively low, approximately 1.9 children per woman. Nevertheless, this was not always so. There has been fluctuation in the birth and death rates throughout the centuries due to various events such as slavery and the world wars. In 1829-1832 the birth per 1000 women was approximately 40.7 whereas the death rate was approximately 30.6 per 1000...

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