Cypw Diploma – 3.1.4

Topics: Self-esteem, Communication, Telephone Pages: 3 (597 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Task 1
The paragraph below discusses the importance of the early identification of speech, language and communication delays and disorders. Fill in the gaps with the word choices given

It is important to _act_ if babies and children are showing any signs of delayed communication, because early _intervention_ will make a significant difference to children’s _development_. It will allow outside _agencies_ to work with the affected child and _encourage_ the skills they are lacking in, and thus increase their communication skills. A child can quickly fall behind in other areas of _development_ if speech and language learning is delayed. Parents and careers can be given ideas and _activities_ to implement at home, or if _hearing_ impairment is identified then children can be taught _sign language_ to enable them to communicate. Early _identification_ also helps children’s self esteem and _confidence_.

act agencies identification activities confidence intervention development encourage development hearing sign language

Now consider and list below what you feel the potential risks of late identification may be.

* Reading
* Writing
* Communication
* Play with other children will be limited
* Learning difficulty lacks concentration
* Lacks confidence / low self esteem.
* Frustration
* Social and emotional skills.
* Worried parents
* Delayed development problems

Task 2
Speech, language and communication development is very important. It directly affects all other areas of development.

Using the internet, research ideas for play and activities that can support speech, language and communication development. Record these ideas in the box below.

Puppet and cuddly toys
Roles play with telephone and dressing up.
Blowing bubbles
Reading books
Singing nursery rhymes
Circle time
Playing ball game (taking turn) such as catch.
Lots of talking...
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