Topics: Sociology, Self-esteem, Social relation Pages: 4 (931 words) Published: May 9, 2013
EYMP 5 1.3
all areas of development will be affected if a child cannot communicate, any one with a communication difficulty will find it hard to socialise with their peers or anybody else, so early identification is very important to help the child/young person to reach their full potential. The possiblr risks could be a child never reaching their full potential, or getting the help that is needed to help and support them and their parents. Multi agency work together to help support parents and the child/young person, they work on strategies to help support the child, everyone is working at the same level and on the same strategies so that the child doesn't get confused. It is important for us as practitioners to intervene earlier because some children need extra support. They can show frustration at not being able to express themselves and this can sometimes be seen as aggressive behaviour but this can be because we haven’t identified that the child has difficulties. Some children can feel isolated as they do not want to participate in a group this can affect their confidence and self esteem. Some children have medical problems and an early identification of this helps the child to get the treatment that will help. The earlier identification by a practitioner, parent, Doctor, health visitor etc the better for the child chances to change and be able to lead a normal life or a better life than before the child was identified with a difficulty. If the child is not identified there is an increased chance of a child being bullied from the other children. They may have difficulties accessing the curriculum, therefore not achieving their full potential at the setting, they can easily be distracted and lose concentration, if a child is supported through this they can have a better outcome in life giving them confidence, social interaction, emotional support and self esteem. late identification of speech language and communication delays could affect communication...
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