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Standard 3
Area of Knowledge 1

The health & Safety Laws that apply to my working environment are: Health & Safety at work Act 1974
COSHH 2002
RIDDOR (reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences)

If a hazardous substance such as bleach is not used appropriately and stored correctly it could become a risk to a YP if used inappropriately. This would come under COSHH

Not reporting a serious injury a YP or member of staff sustains is breaking the law and regulations. An investigation would need to take place into why and how the injury occurred and how it could be prevented in the future. This would come under RIDDOR.

As an employee I have responsibilities for health & safety these are: Weekly and Monthly health and safety checks.
Weekly medication audits
COSHH information and records kept up to date
Record and document water/fridge/freezer temperatures
Sharps/knives stored in locked cupboard and checked daily
First Aid kit kept correctly stocked

As an employee and a career it is my responsibility to regularly check any equipment and report immediately any faults or maintenance to my manager and ensure they are followed through.

Area of Knowledge 2
MHOR – Moving and Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (amended 2002) is the legislation that governs moving and handling within the workplace.

When moving/lifting an object or person you must take into account: Object person you want to move
Where to and from
Any equipment that may be required.

Before moving an object or person I would consider the risks, these could be: Damage, injury or harm to the object/person being moved or staff doing the move. Damage to the environment
Damage to equipment

I would prepare/read a risk assessment before I would even attempt to move a person. I would document what was the best way/practice to move the person with no harm to them or staff and as comfortable as possible. I would record any equipment used- hoists/slide sheets/turn pads/wheel chair and would ensure all equipment was in good working order before hand.

Should a YP come into our care who needed assistance with moving as they could not weight gain or had a disability, I would make sure that they had a moving and handling assessment done and all equipment was suitable and available for staff to use. Also all staff should be trained on how to use the equipment before moving/handling a YP. All staff should also undergo Moving and Handling training.

Area of Knowledge 3
Security measures that take place within the home are:
Exterior and interior lockable doors
Knives/sharps locked away
Windows have safety latches on them
At least one member of staff with the YP when they are on the premises at all times.

As an employee it is my role to maintain security by keeping doors locked and sharps and knifes locked away when not in use. Report any damage to locks when any occur.

YP smoking
Gas Cooker rings

These are all hazards in the workplace that could pose a risk to a YP or staff. To reduce these risks the YP is to smoke in a designated area in the garden. Flammables are stored in a locked cupboard and the YP is observed when using the cooker.

When taking a YP out of the home I would apply my own knowledge of health and safety and security and risk assess any potential hazards before hand where possible.

Area of Knowledge 4
Providing healthy care means to provide well balanced diet to a YP and improving/maintaining their health and well being. Management of prescribed medication is also part of healthy care.

Basic infection control procedures which apply to YP in our care are: Hand washing/personal hygiene
Disposal of clinical waste
Laundry of clothes/linen
Own towels and sheets
YP own bathroom and toilet facilities

If a YP in my care had an accident I would reassure the YP, administer any first aid required and that I was trained to do. I would clean up...
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