Critique of University College Dublin's Alcohol and Drug Policy

Topics: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Binge drinking Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Write a critique of University College Dublin’s Alcohol Policy.

Alcohol policies are sets of measures aimed at minimizing health and social harm from the use of alcohol (WHO). For the purpose of this essay I am going to critique University College Dublin’s (UCD) alcohol policy. I will be mainly focusing on why a college alcohol policy was developed, what elements of UCD’s policy need improving and whether the current policy is working at all in the college. Students in third level education have been identified as a population at risk of heavy drinking. Therefore in line with the national alcohol policy strategy, Irish colleges were invited to develop their own alcohol policies. According to the College Lifestyle and Attitudinal National Survey (CLAN), as a result of their alcohol use, students experienced harms such as regretting things said and done after drinking (62%), felt effects of alcohol while at class/work (50%), missed school/work days (44%) and harmed studies/work. In my opinion this is clear evidence in favour of why UCD has its own alcohol policy. In addition to this, college students are more likely to binge drink (having more than four pints of beer or a bottle of wine or equivalent in one session), which is strongly linked to them being less likely to use positive coping strategies when dealing with anxiety or depression (CLAN). This fortifies the need for a college alcohol policy as young men dealing with these serious mental health issues are more likely to commit suicide than their older and more mature counterparts. Overall UCD has a very good alcohol policy with a few very well thought out regulations. For example, regulation number 8 sets out that “clubs, societies and other groups organising events on- or off- campus may not advertise free or cheap drinks as the main attraction of the event”. I think this is an important part of the policy as it prevents societies pushing alcohol on students attending the events. Also it helps...
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