Critical Review of the Blind Side Movie

Topics: Self-esteem, Conceptions of self, Personality psychology Pages: 4 (1450 words) Published: March 4, 2011
A Critical Review of The Blind Side

“A person’s self-concept is shaped by his/her communication with significant others.”

Self-concept is how a person has the knowledge of oneself. According to the Social Issues Reference(n.d.), self concept is the accumulation of the knowledge about the self, such as beliefs regarding personality traits, physical characteristics, abilities, values, goals and roles. Self-concept is knowledge about how someone define themselves, either the similarity or the difference from others. It is a concept of how someone reflect themselves.

Communication is one of the requirements in a life. Human are social creature, they are depend on each other helps. Human communicate to fulfill their social needs. There are many kinds of how communication would like to be, it is mostly depends on the culture. Culture has variance that shaped the unique communication.

Another factor is the living background which depicts the contrast difference between the social life level.
In the movie of The Blind Side depicts how someone self-concept changed as the way of communicating changed goes. As a homeless kid and being move around through the foster houses, Michael Oher choose to be homeless rather than meet new family strange for him. Being taken by the Family Services because of his drug-addicted mother makes him being a shy person. He become a quiet person with low self esteem, he had no courage to do anything. Except for his atletic talent. Everybody has the unpleasant impression about him because he shows the scary face with his huge size of body. Perception of others always selective and sometimes distorted. Michael perceive himself as a person with no value because he seems to be rarely communicate with people surround him. People scare like the girls in the park that runaway from the swinger after saw Michael. Michael always assumed that nobody could make friends with him. Not until he meets SJ and SJ teach him to smile to...

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