Counseling Children

Topics: Alcohol abuse, Alcoholism, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: June 27, 2010
According to recent studies alcoholism is a disease that affects not only the addicted person but it also affects their families as well. Many children who grow up in homes where one or both parents are alcoholics or abuse alcohol will in time need to have help in sorting out all of the issues associated with a parent or parents that abuse alcohol. Sometimes children of alcoholics are physically, sexually and emotionally abused. Even when there is no outward abuse the child growing up in an alcoholic family suffers damage. Once a parent is on the road to living in an addicted state the need to drink supersedes the ability to care for the child. The children become innocent bystanders unable to make sense of their world. These children may grow up to abuse alcohol or have some problems with alcohol use. These children may also show trouble with handling their anger, low self esteem, an inability to trust, feelings of guilt and some form of depression. (Stevens, P 20005)It has been argued that any individual related to an alcoholic may have problems related to that alcoholism, even the grandchildren of alcoholics. Much information has to be gathered on this group, the number of children in the United States that fall into this group is estimated at 34 million. Often times these children marry into families which alcoholism is a problem. (Seefeidt, R 1992). Many of the children from these families share alike dysfunctions. Along with keeping the family secret, they learn to deny, that there is a problem. Pain is a way of life for most of these children. Somehow the children in these families find a way to cope with the fact that the parent or parents are not able to maintain a stable environment (Stevens, P 2005) These parents have an even harder time meeting the emotional, educational, and social needs of their children. Parental alcohol abuse often present potentially long-term behavioral, social and psychological problems for these children. Depression,...
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