Consumer Behavior (Old Town)

Topics: Mumbai, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Culture of India Pages: 8 (2991 words) Published: November 7, 2012
The company that we had choose is Old Town White Coffee (OTWC). The history of OTWC can traced back to the incorporation of White Café in 1999 , with the intention to provide quality white coffee to Malaysian households and the food services industry , the co-founders and Executive Directors , Mr Goh Ching Mun and Mr Tan Say Yap formulated their own blend of 3-in-1 instant white coffee and commenced manufacturing in 1999 . The OTWC goal is to let everyone enjoy every sip of authentic Malaysian Ipoh White Coffee anytime and anywhere. Nevertheless, the vision of OTWC is to be the Asian Pacific’s Leading White Coffee producer providing high quality products to customers globally. Besides that, the company mission is to promote the unique Malaysia taste- the authentic Ipoh White Coffee and continue White Coffee Legacy the rough continuous improvement and innovation that exceeds customer expectations. Secondly, by setting precedence OTWC have made a standard that equals excellence, and pushing other brands to do the same. Next, strive for continuous improvement, incorporate innovations and technology in our commitment to create customer value in our both product services. And lastly, maintain and reinforce their market leader status and move forward to become a leading White Coffee producer in Asia Pacific. The target market of OTWC is more to workers and teenagers . For workers they can have their breakfast in OTWC before going to work .OTWC got provide breakfast set so is easy for workers to choose , beside breakfast OTWC also have lunch set .While for teenagers , they can have a gathering in OTWC .They can have a drink and have some snack like bread and desserts that have in OTWC .

Motivation is described as the driving force within individuals that impels them to action. This driving force is produced by a state of tension that exists as the result of an unfulfilled need. Individuals strive, both consciously and subconsciously, to reduce this tension through behavior that they anticipate will fulfil their needs and thus relieve them of the stess they feel. The specific goals they elect and the patterns of action they undertake to achieve their goals are the result of individual thinking and learning. In other word, the study of motivation refers to all the processes that initiate the drive in a person to perceive a need and pursue a definite course of action to fulfil that need. Motivation process shows motivation as a state of need-induced tension that drives an individual to engage in behaviour that he or she expects will gratify a need and thus reduce the tension. Whether gratification is actually achieved depends on the course of action being pursued. The specific courses of action that consumers pursue, and their specific goals, are selected on the basis of their thinking processes (cognition) and previous learning (experiences). OTWC using motivation theory approach to attract their customers. Firstly, consumers has an unfulfilled needs. There are 2 types of needs which is innate needs and acquired needs. Innate needs are physiological needs that are considered primary needs or motives. Innate needs include the needs for food, water, air, clothing, shelter, and sex. Innate needs are considered primary needs or motives because they are needed to sustain biological life. Acquired needs are needs that we learned in response to our culture or environment. Acquired needs may include the need for self-esteem, prestige, affection, power, and learning. Acquired needs are generally psychological, they are considered secondary needs or motives. Psychological needs arise from the need for recognition, esteem and belonging. A need becomes a motive when it is aroused to a sufficient level of intensity. This can be relate to how motivation lead consumers to visit OTWC. Firstly, consumers are hungry, they need foods to feed, so there is an unfulfilled needs. Once a need has been...
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