Consciousness and Brown Nvq3 Assignment

Topics: Consciousness, Environment, Person Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: July 3, 2013
Kaydell Brown NVQ3 Assignment 305 Av a/b
WAYS THAT YOU CAN ENSURE THE ENVIRONMENT PROMOTES WELL BEING The environment refers to the surroundings and the personal property of the individuals. All individuals have personal preferences and boundaries which must also be respected and put into practice. Descriptions of how to promote well being may include the following: * Use of supporting documentation such as communication passports and support plans to provide continuity of care. * Providing an environment where people can make contributions (e.g. making beds, helping with laundry etc if they wish to do so). * Recognising and respecting personal boundaries and preferences (ensuring all carers are aware of them and respect them). * Any music, media, TV programmes suits the needs and wishes of the individual. * Adopting a way of ‘living the moment’ for people with short term memory loss. * Ensuring personal possessions are kept as the individual wishes. * Understanding behaviour as a form of communication.

* Ensuring any aids or equipment is stored safely but in accordance with the individual’s wishes. * Ensuring any food, drinks etc meet the preferences of the individual in the way they are prepared and served. * Use of life story work to reinforce identity and self awareness. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO SUPPORT INDIVIDUALS IN A WAY THAT PROMOTES THEIR IDENTITY, SELF IMAGE AND SELF ESTEEM? The importance of this is because it operates an outcome based system rather than a task centred system which supports the individualisation. Also it demonstrates best practice within meeting an individual’s need and upholds the rights of individuals and can contribute to effective working relationships with all concerned. Providing regular reviews and updates can quickly detect and recognise the changes needed for an individual which can then be processed and put into practice. Every individual is not the same nor have...
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