Computer Evolution

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May 20, 2013
Computers Have Changed Our Life’s Forever
Computers are taking over the world, as humanity knows it! Computer evolution means the gradual development of computers. Computers are being upgraded all the time with new improved tools and speed. Computers have improved amazingly, since they were first invented and have many specialized uses. Certain problems can occur on a computer, but they can be easily solved with a couple clicks of the mouse. Today we have different options for PC’s. There are desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. The price varies depending on the brand, size and the use for it. Pc’s have a history that goes back to 500 B.C. Computers have evolved throughout the past, present and will be evolving as years go on. The first considered computer was the abacus. When the abacus was first used, it was a counting device or, as it’s known today a calculator. The reason it was called a counting device was because it made it easier for people to count higher and with better accuracy (Goldsworthy & Mixdrof, 1996). Desktops in the Past

The first desktop computer was sold in 1974, and it was sold as a kit for $400.00. With this computer kit, people had to assemble the electronic devices. When people had to assemble the computer, it didn’t offer any kind of protection towards viruses, so any information you would use on the desktop would be on there for others to see. The first desktop didn’t offer any extra programs like the ones that are offered today (Mahoney & Haigh2011). Desktops in the Present

Today, when people buy a P.C all that needs to be done is plug it in and follow the screen prompts, as it will help set the whole thing up in less than 10 minutes. Also, when people buy P.C’s they can get protection towards virus and other things that will help protect information. Everything for a desktop is wireless like the mouse and keyboard. Meaning it doesn’t have to be connected with a cord to the computer it connects wireless. Laptops in the Past

Laptops didn’t come out until 1981. When the first laptop came out. it was called the Osborne 1. It was a portable computer that weighed 24 pounds, had a five-inch screen, with a modem port, and two 5 1/4 floppy drives. People would also get a large collection of bundled software programs and a battery pack. The price for this was $1,795.00. It was made by a company that never was successful (Moltzen, 2013). Laptops in the Present

When people buy a laptop in this century, people can pick out the use for it. Whether it’s for playing games, homework, running a business, or just browsing the web. The laptop weighs only 1 to 5 pounds and is easy to put in laptop cases or bags to make it easier to carry around. They come with all the basic programs. If you need a special program that is not already installed, it can be installed easily. The use of laptops has increased more than desktops because they are able to be used anywhere you are. Laptops in the Future

With the future moving at a fast speed, Google has come up with a product called the Chrome Book Pixel. The Pixel is made with aluminum body that is solid. With the Chrome book Pixel, it offers an option of touch screen or a keyboard, whichever one you want. The Pixel only runs on Google’s Chrome Web Browser, unlike the other tablets that can run on Microsoft Windows or Apple's Mac OS X. Many have noticed that with the Chrome browser that it works better and has more options than the others. With the Pixel, it reminds people of the Apple laptop; but this works well. The price of the Pixel is much more than expected. With only getting minimal connectivity, it offers just two USB 2.0 ports, a Mini Display Port for video-out, a standard headphone jack, and an SD Card slot. Title: Google’s Chrome book Pixel is an expensive idea (Snell, 2013) Tablets in the Past

Tablets didn’t start getting invented until the late 1900’s. This was the first try in...

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More power for your business
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