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Computer can be defined as an electromechanical device which accepts and process data, following a set of instructions called programs, thereby giving the result of processing accurately and efficiently to the end users.


COMPUTER HARDWARE: The physical computer and its component are referred to as hardware devices.

These are computer components that one can see and touch.

It includes the memory that stores data and program instructions;

Keyboard: see details below

Mouse: An input device that allows an individual to control a

mouse pointer in a graphical user interface (GUI). Utilizing a mouse a user has the ability to perform various functions such as opening a program or file and does not require the user to memorize commands, like those used in a text-based environment such as MS-DOS

mouse Mouse

Printer: An external hardware device responsible for

taking computer data and generating a hard copy of that data. Printers are one of the most used peripherals on computers and are commonly used to print text, images, and/or photos.


d. Monitor: Also called a video display terminal (VDT) a monitor is a video display screen and the hard shell that holds it. In its most common usage, monitor refers only to devices that contain no electronic equipment other than what is essentially needed to display and adjust the characteristics of an image


e. Webcam: A camera connected to a computer or server that allows anyone connected to the Internet to view still pictures or motion video of a user. The majority of webcam web sites are still pictures that are frequently refreshed every few seconds, minutes, hours, or days. However, there are some sites and personal pages that can supply streaming video for users with broadband. Today, most webcams are connected to the USB or Fire wire port on a computer.


f. Scanner: Hardware input device that allows a user to take an

image and/or text and convert it into a digital file, allowing the computer to read and/or display the scanned object. A scanner is commonly connected to a computer USB, Fire wire, Parallel or SCSI port.

g. Joystick: A peripheral input device that looks similar to a control device you

would find on an arcade game at your local arcades. A computer joystick allows an individual to easily navigate an object in a game such as navigating a plane in a flight simulator. 2.4 joystick and is an example of what you would expect most computer joysticks to look like.


The programs that run the computer are called software. Software generally is designed to perform one task or the other for example, to write a letter, to display and modify a photograph, or to direct the general and basic operation of the computer.

Software is a collection of instructions that enables a user to interact with the computer or have the computer perform specific tasks for them. Without any type of software the computer would be useless. For example, you wouldn't be able to interact with the computer without a software operating system. Almost all software purchased at a retail store is included in a box similar to the one shown, this box usually contains all the disks (floppy diskette, CD, and/or DVD) required to install the program onto the computer, manuals, warranty, and other important documentation

Microsoft Excel Software diagram



In banking, computers keep and check credit status of clients and transfer of money (E-banking) It is used in educational sector
It is used in keeping records, inventories, purchases, supply and production in our daily business environment. Computers are used in engineering works and various artistic designs. Computers are...
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