compare/contrast female and male conversation differences

Topics: 2007 singles, Alcoholic beverage, Bar Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: September 29, 2013
My special place is quit different from everyone else. It is not only the place that I love to go to, it's also the place I work, the place I see my friends, and the place I met my husband. It was the place that I would be the entertainer, the councilor, the listener, the bartender, and the manager. At times I was even the referee and a few times I had to give motherly advice. It was the place were I had to be what ever it was I needed to be at that time. It was my bar. It didn’t start out like that I will honestly say. After only a few months I was asked to take over and then it was mine. I lived only five blocks from my bar at the time. Each morning I would walk to work and I always thought of that time as just for me. I would always thin of my bar but it was my alone time so to speak.

My bar was located downtown of Chico. Smaller than most bars around the area but still it was always crowded and had a line of people waiting to get in. We had no dance floor, yet known for the best jukebox in town. We didn’t serve fancy drinks such as Martini’s, blended drinks, or anything that I would consider foo-foo drinks. We didn’t even serve single shots. If you wanted a drink from us than you were getting a double. We specialized in shooter shots and Long Island Ice Teas. I could ask you what your favorite dessert was and then make you a shooter shot that tasted exactly like the dessert you described. We served drink fast and had the music turned up really loud.

I would get to the door and as I was unlocking I would think about what that day was going to turn out like. That thought would always make me laugh due to the fact that you could never know for sure. As I opened the door the smell of stale beer and spilt alcohol would burn my nose. It was a horrible smell of wet wood from the ceiling leaking for the past seven years before me. Although it was gross and stinky those funky smells always made me smile remembering some crazy event from the past that had...
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