Communication Styles

Topics: Bullying, Emotion, Aggression Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Communication Styles

Identifying with your personal style of communicating will help you in the long run to create good communication skills. There are four different communications styles which are passive, assertive, aggressive and passive aggresive that we all can identify with. Knowing about the many styles of communication can help you to adapt to others and their style of communication.

Passive communication is one of the four different communication styles. Passive communication is shown when individuals fail to express their opinions, feelings, needs and show low self-esteem. I don’t identify with this style of communicating because this isn’t me. When I feel the need to express myself I do so. I always stand a hundred and ten percent behind my opinion and I never let others step over me.

Aggressive communication is very different from passive communication. Being a aggressive communicator you express your feelings and opinion. Aggressive communicators can often be verbally abusive because of past situations such as they may have experienced physical and or emotional abuse or still carrying around unhealed wounds. Aggressive communicators will often try to be the dominate one and control others. They speak in a very loud demanding voice and act rudely. I myself can be aggressive from time to time in situations. For example if my boyfriend makes me mad I began to speak in a loud overbearing tone and will not listen to anything he has to say. Being an aggressive communicator will unable you to mature .

Passive-aggressive communication is a style that on the outside they show to be passive but act out of anger because of feeling powerless. Passive-aggressive communicators will use sarcasm, deny that there is a problem and will sabotage you to get even. I personally cannot relate to this style of communication. If I have a problem I will gladly let you know what the issue is. Also I do not believe in sabotaging others, you will get your karma,...
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