Classification of Beverages

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The Beverage is any portable drinking water except plain drinking water. The word "beverage" has been derived from the Latin word "Bever", which means rest or repose from the work. Beverage refer as drinks such as wine, spirits, beer, liqueurs, aerated drinks, juices, tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. In hospitality terminology, there are two types of drinks such as alcoholic & non-alcoholic, which is just consumed by human being, either to quench the thirst or refreshment nourishment or relaxation as per the need of the human.

In industries such as restaurant, hotels, bars, pubs,canteen, cafeterias, either commercial or non commercial beverage is an essential liquid product. During breakfast nourishing drinks like milk fruit juice & malted juice such as horlicks, tea, coffee, etc like this beverages goes very well these beverage refers to an non alcoholic beverages. At the dinner time, alcoholic drinks like beers, wines, spirits & liqueurs are usually consumed as relaxation, refreshment, and stimulate the body.

It is true that life cannot br sustained without water. Science says that liters of water is required per a day to stay well. We would not be wrong to say that beverage are the part of what we must consume to sustain life. In short, we must drink.

Beverage has been classified into two categories
Alcoholic Beverage
Non Alcoholic Beverage

Alcoholic beverage is portable liquid which contain 2% to 75% of liquor. They are produced by the introduction of yeast for fermentation into substance such as fruits, cereal (grain), molasses and plant extract.

Technically, it is known as ethyl alcohol that forms as the product of a chemical reaction in which yeast converts the glucose present in the cereals or molasses into alcohol & carbon dioxide(CO2), though there are other reaction taking place at the same time and that also influence the character of the finished beverage. Alcoholic beverage has been divided into three categories, they are as follow •Fermented Alcoholic beverage

Distilled Alcoholic beverage
Compound Alcoholic beverage


Although there is a distinction between beer, wine and liquor as well as other lesser known alcoholic beverages, they share one thing in common. They are the fermentation products of yeasts, mostly Saccharomyces cerevisiae or in the case of beers, usually S. carlsburgiensis. Yeasts, as you recall, are not mycelial. They are unicellular fungi that reproduce asexually by budding or fission. The reaction by which alcoholic beverages are produced is generally referred to as fermentation and may be summarized as: Yeast + Glucose è Alcohol (Ethanol) + CO2

This reaction is also important in baking bread, but the desired product is then the carbon dioxide rather than alcohol. The production of alcohol occurs best in the absence of oxygen. However, from the yeast's point of view, alcohol and carbon dioxide are waste products, and as the yeast continues to grow and metabolize in the sugar solution, the accumulation of alcohol will become toxic when it reaches a concentration between 14-18%, thereby killing the yeast cells. This is the reason why the percentage of alcohol in wine and beer can only be approximately 16%. In order to produce beverages (liquor) with higher concentrations of alcohol, the fermented products must be distilled.


Generally, beverages derived from fermented fruit juice is wine. However, commercially speaking, "wine" is fermented grape juice from Vitis vinifera. Other wines are specifically referred to by the name of the fruit of the juices from which they are fermented. For example, elderberry wine, peach wine, etc. Beer on the other hand is usually derived from fermentation of malt derived from the digestion of germinated...
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