Cja 324 Personal Dilemma

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Official, Responsibility Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Personal Dilemma

CJA 324
April 25, 2011

Personal Dilemma
I am a bartender, 34 years experienced in serving drinks to people who become intoxicated when entering the establishment(s) I work at. I must use my experience, common sense and moral thoughts to perform and fulfill my duties at work. Many types of people and ages come in and out of the tavern on a daily basis. With all my experience, working full-time or as a part – time bartender I cannot say I have seen it all. I grew up with very strong moral beliefs in the law and was told I was to follow it. Officers, public officials drinking their days off and mingling amongst the local residents are an issue for me. Public servants are breaking the law when they pull out their keys to drive home if they are over the legal BAC level in Wisconsin and I fight this dilemma every day. How much to serve the public official or any customer is questioned at all times when I am work and when to say no to someone. I feel it becomes more difficult when deciding how much to serve a public official and quite challenging for me. I had to learn in Wisconsin that drinking is a big factor in their socializing. Drinking seems to be a part of golf, biking, snowmobiles and, Friday night fish fry’s and after work for many residents. Drinking and its results bring a lot of conversations, discussions, and some heated arguments amongst the general population. There are customers that complain of the laws, the officers on duty and the officers’ motives in the town I reside and work. Police have the duty to pull over anyone suspected of drinking and driving, it’s the law! Many of my customers have multiple violations from drunk driving and driving after revocation usual follows for the majority of convicted drunk drivers here in Westfield, Wisconsin. The remarks such as; it’s not fair that the cop can drink and not worry or the Judge was drunk but no one pulled him over are what some concerns from the general...

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