City Life

Topics: Population, City, Rural Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 6, 2011
As a child growing up in a rural environment, that was the only life I knew and thought it was the best. Adulthood brings into focus maturity. I moved into the city, and came to the realization that I had to adjust to a different way of living, another transition of my life. I was very overwhelmed by hustle and all the excitement of the life that surrounded me. For this reason rural life and city life can be compared and contrasted in regards to cost, standard of living, accessibility and entertainment. Living in a rural environment gives one the sense of a community. Everyone becomes your family sharing concerns for each other, Neighbors can look out for each other and care for your property, less concerns among people for each other exist when living in the city, but as a result of busy schedules and time constraint it is understandable. The most noticeable difference between city life and rural life is cost. Living in the city is very expensive due to a higher demand of goods and services due to demographics in population. The basic necessities of life for example housing (rent or own) food consumption, utility bills, and to maintain that social standard can be overbearing, but there are better educational opportunities and wider range of professional government jobs and higher pay. Living in a rural area, the standard of living is inexpensive, there is a smaller population growth and the demand for goods and services is on a much smaller scale. In contrasting rural and city life, accessibility to services in the city is very easy. Taxicabs are readily available to take you to your destination of choice. Hospitals and emergency services are also readily available. In the rural areas, taxi cab service is not as prompt, often you have to wait for hours for a cab, or the journey to a hospital and access to other medical service will take a much longer time due to poor road conditions. Entertainment forms a part of everyday living and there...
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