Cindy Jackson.

Topics: Barbie, Self-esteem Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: September 18, 2011
I would have to say that she has always looked to fit in. She never felt like herself growing up until she grew up and found herself. Her self esteem has always been low by her saying she never fit in with the cheerleaders. Her presentation is what is making her money now. She needs to look good to make good money. I think in her bio on her website she says things that don’t really pertain to the product and you get lost while reading it or at least I did, I got bored. She should say a little more about the product and what or how it came about. I don’t think she has a good self esteem and that is why she created this product to make her feel better about her own self. It was like she was trying to get her Barbie dolls life or the one she dreamed up for her Barbie doll. She wants woman to look at this product to feel better about themselves, when in all reality she looked at cosmetic surgery to feel better and then thought of a product to sell to try to make some money.

The physical attractiveness factor in here is due to it is a product that you use to make yourself feel better about yourself. She should look and feel good about herself so that she can sell her products. If you have someone who don’t take care of themselves trying to sell you a product about looking good you really aren’t going to buy that because they don’t look that great. Now when you have someone who looks good and uses a product them usually you are more willing to buy their product. Physical attractiveness is all around us. In today’s society we are supposed to look a certain way and act a certain way it isn’t right. I think that she used the cosmetic surgery to feel better about herself and then went and built a business around feeling better and trying to sell a product about beauty. The mass media influences Cindy by saying good things about her. They get the word out there for her to sell more products. They say she is beautiful they also say she has had plastic surgery. They say...
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