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Support during transition for young people
There are many transitions a child or young person will have to go through in their lives, this will start from a very early age and continue through to adulthood. The first time away from a main carer or parent is a huge transition and can be very traumatic for a child, especially if they are left with someone they don’t really know very well. Babies form attachments with main carers and people they see on a regular basis. It is important for them to realise that their carer is going to return, this cannot be explained to a young baby so it is only by the carer leaving and then returning that a baby would realise they are going to return. The baby receiving positive attention, cuddles and someone talking to it in a calm manner would help to reassure the baby whilst the carer was away. If this was handled negatively within the first few months of a babies’ life then it could have a negative impact on their feeling of security and self-worth at a later date. Those children who have experienced an insecure attachment where sensitivity to their needs has not been met or understood respond to challenge with less confidence and face adversity with greater uncertainty. The ability to tolerate and manage change is essential to healthy living and development; however, those children who have experienced an insecure attachment will be less equipped to manage changes than others. (Young minds in school)

The birth of a younger sibling is another huge transition for a child and can cause confusion, possible feelings of being pushed out or ignored as oppose to feeling happy and content. When a new baby is born into a family unit it is very important that any existing children are not made to feel left out. If the new baby was to receive constant attention the existing child could begin to feel unimportant, ignored and ultimately unloved which could lead to the child having conflicting feelings about the new sibling and long lasting emotional affects. Although they may be overjoyed at having a younger sibling they could also have conflicting feelings and feel jealous of all the attention the new baby receives. This could cause the child to display anger and jealousy at times towards the baby which could later lead to problems for the siblings in building a close, positive relationships, fighting to take attention from each other and being overly competitive. It could also have a negative impact on a childs feeling of self-worth and confidence which could cause in-security issues which could last into adult hood. Starting nursery, changing schools, moving house or to a new area can be traumatic and emotional for a child or young person of any age. The feeling of the unknown entity, not knowing what to expect, settling into a new environment and possibly not knowing anyone and having to make new friends can be a very emotional and upsetting time. It can be very worrying for a child wondering if they are going to fit in, will people like them, are they going to get bullied. All these issues can feel overwhelming to a child and if the transition isn’t handled or dealt with sensitively then this could lead to insecurity issues and affect their feelings of self-worth and confidence. Toilet training and completing simple personal tasks like choosing clothes and dressing themselves is a big transition and can be a massive achievement for a young child. Not all children find this as easy to master as others. It is important to praise and encourage any progress the child makes, no matter how small or it could again affect the childs feeling of self-worth and confidence if they are made to feel like a failure or constantly compared with the progress of another child. A child will need constant encouragement in any area they are learning to do things for themselves no matter how small the progress may seem. This will help them to have confidence in their choices and achievements, assist in building...
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