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Appendix B

Key Computer Terms CheckPoint

Definitions and Usage of Information Technology Infrastructure Components and Technologies

The following terms are examples of information technology infrastructure components and technologies used in business. Research definitions using the Internet. You will write a definition of each term and provide at least two examples of the component or technology. Provide citations and references for all resources.

Term| Definition| References| Examples (At least two)|
Hardware| Physical parts of a computer system | | Monitor and mouse| Software| Programs a computer and executes|| Open Office and Myst gaming software| Data management technology| Ways to handle data|| Data encryption and data storage| Networking | A number of computers connected to each other|| Internet and Ethernet| Telecommunications| Transmission of signals over long distance|| TV, email, cell phones,| Technology services| Services that provide fixes, and maintains technology|| Wireless internet and cell phones| Personal digital assistants| Tiny computer for easy storage and transport|| IPhone, blackberry, PDA’s| Personal computers| Personal PC that stores information and has hardware, software, and internet connection|| Dell, IBM, Gateway,| Servers| Server serves information to computers that are connected to it|| Web servers, mail servers, and LAN servers| Supercomputers| It is a high performance computing machine designed to have extremely fast...
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