Checkpoint: Image Makeover

Topics: Perception, Change, Self-esteem Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Checkpoint: Image Makeover

Joe, a geeky, shy, unconfident high school senior, wants to remake his image when he goes away to college. What strategies must he use to change the way others perceive him? Can they work? Why? Joe should first and foremost implement changes to improve his self-esteem and self-perception. In doing so he can change the way he perceives himself in order to effectively change the way others perceive him. Joe can begin with intra-personal communication. Engaging in encouraging self-talk and positive affirmations in regards to who he is and who he would like to be, can help shift Joe’s self-perception. Once he no longer associates who he is with stereotypes and labels that has been given to him and that he has chosen to identify with – geeky, shy, unconfident – he can open up to his true potential. Visualizing the type of person he would like to be the qualities he would like to embody can also help Joe change the way in which he is perceived. Visualization helps to reinforce the ideals and shape the person Joe is becoming. Being in a new environment will help Joe to disconnect from stereotypes and labels of his past and start fresh. As Joe’s self-esteem improves, so will the way others perceive him. Confidence and esteem is exuded and can change the way someone is seen by the world. The result is an authentic remake of Joe’s image. These strategies will work because they address Joe’s issues internally first, which will create lasting effects. •Can Joe be able to boost his self-esteem by changing his image? Why? If Joe changes his image by making changes internally first, I believe he can boost his self-image by changing his image. An authentic, genuine change can only happen when he has taken the proper steps to let go of past labels and rethink the way he feels about himself. Alternatively if Joe were to solely make external changes to his image, his internal insecurities and lack of confidence would still remain...
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