Challenges of 21st Century

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Alcoholism Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Challenges of 21st century
In this essay I will be presenting problems which current generation faces. Possibly this obstacle may not seem more important than poverty, flooding, terrorism or starvation but from my personal perspective it is very closely connected to the future and wellbeing of next generations and the humanity as a whole. Particularly I will observe causes of health problems such as smoking and drinking of minors and the influence of media sources such as TV, games and obviously social networks. I was mainly observing post USSR countries; the reason for it is that I can provide more information about the society where I grew up; additionally this might be something interesting and new for you. Data in the essay will mainly be gathered from internet sources, questioning inhabitants, interviews, news, personal no-scientific observations and experience. Russian people say: “The most important is the health, the rest will apply”; First of all I would mention the problem of cigarettes and alcohol, I researched Ukraine about this issue. In Ukraine, the smoking rate is still relatively high, but it is lower than in Russia, Belarus or the Baltic states. In contrast, there is another serious problem of the society, which is alcoholism, even among youth. Since 2000, alcohol consumption has doubled - up to 12-13 liters of pure alcohol per capita per year, which is approximately 30 litters of vodka per year, 2.5 liters per month. Average man can drink half a litter to get drunk, hence citizens of Ukraine drink about 0.55 litters of vodka every week. This is much higher than in the EU. Unfortunately anti-propaganda is powerless, form my point of view the reason for this is that people don’t know who they can believe. For example in the international press, evidences were published showing that the activity of the American philanthropist Michael Bloomberg in the fight against smoking may be due to his personal interest in the pharmaceutical industry,...
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