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Topics: Self-esteem Pages: 32 (4411 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Directorate of Education
Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Additional Support Material on Value Based Questions

for the Session 2012-2013
Subject: English Core
Class : XII

Under the guidance of :

Dr. Sunita S. Kaushik
Addl. DE (School/Exam)

Coordination by :
Mr. Sushil Kumar
Principal, GSCoed.V, Sec. 8, Rohini

Prepared by :
1. Ms. Meenakshi Joshi
2. Ms. Anuradha Sawhney
3. Ms. Meena Sharma
4. Mr. Rakesh Kumar
5. Mr. Raghuvinder Rana


GSCo.ed.V Sec. 8, Rohini
SKV Prashant Vihar,
GSSS, A-Block, Saraswati Vihar
RPVV, Sec.XI, Rohini
GBSSS No. 2,Shakur Pur

These questions are based on values & key messages brought out on the basis of prescribed text. These should be answered in about 100 words. Content will be marked for three marks and expression for two marks. Students have the liberty to go beyond the set text.

The Last Lesson

“When a people are enslaved, as long as they hold fast to their language it is as if they had the key to their prison.”
After reading M. Hamel‟s statement you begin to realise the importance of mother tongue that is losing its significance in the present times.



Write an article for a national daily on the need of reviving the status of the mother tongue.
Then he turned to the black board , took a piece of chalk and bearing on with all his might , he wrote as large as he could Vive La France ………………. Abraham Lincoln , a former President of America said , “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.

I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” After reading the lesson and the above quote of Abraham Lincoln you begin to reflect on the loss of spirit of patriotism amongst the youth in India due to which there is no respect for one‟s countrymen and no determination amongst the youth to lead the country to a better future.

Write an article in about hundred words for a national magazine on the need for revival of patriotic spirit amongst the youth in India.
“…….. his terrible iron ruler under his arm”. It has been said, “spare the rod and spoil the child”.
The abolition of corporal punishment from schools in India has boosted students‟ confidence. Do you agree or not?


“They preferred to put you to work on a farm or a t the mills, so as to have a little more money”.
Some parents do not understand the importance of education. They want their kids to work. The Govt. has introduced the Right to Education Act. What changes it can bring about in the attitude of the parents. Explain.


The elders of the village were sitting in the classroom. The participation of the community is necessary for a healthy and productive education system. Comment.


Franco Prussian war had impacted all spheres of life, even the schools. It caused an emotional turmoil in the life of the civilians.
Can war/violence be a solution to any problem?
7 “It was so warm, so bright ……….. birds were chirping …… The Prussian soldiers were drilling ………… It was all much more tempting”. In the present scenario / t imes there are more distractions (malls, i-pads, facebook etc). The will to resist is the only solution. Explain.


M. Hamel becomes an honest role model for the students on the day of the last lesson. How does a teacher play a constructive role in the life of the students in the present times?

Lost Spring
1. Saheb and Mukesh are representatives of the underprivileged and impoverished section of the society. The society has its role of credit for their condition. How as a concerned student of the society you can perform your duty to educate them? Discuss.

2. Childhood is the spring time of one‟s life but Saheb and Mukesh are the victims of the evil of child labour. You feel pained to see children working at factories, dhabas and tea stalls. Empathising with them give concrete suggestions to deal with the problem. 3. In search of decent living conditions and better means of...
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